For almost 15 years I have used 123-reg to host my website.  I started off with a simple static html website which I hand-coded in 2004.  Then I moved to a wordpress website with a 123-reg virtual server.  After that I moved to a 123-reg dedicated server, and this is the solution that I settled on for about 5 years.

I have previously been satisfied with the support and service of 123-reg, and would have recommended them, but lately I have unfortunately had cause for complaint in multiple areas and despite my best efforts I was unable to come to a satisfactory resolution with their support team.

Server Move

For this reason I have taken the brave decision to run my own server at home, and host my simple website from there.

I have purchased a HP proliant server and over the past few weeks I’ve been learning a lot about how to set it up.
I have transferred brianhoskins.uk to this new server.  It’s currently working, but there are significant teething troubles.

Outdated theme

I am using a custom child-theme which I wrote myself.  The parent is the standard wordpress twentyten theme, so that should give you some idea about how old it is!
I have noticed that recent wordpress updates have started to break functionality in my old child-theme, so it’s time to reinvent it.

It will take me a while to write a new theme.  In the meantime the site still has all my old posts but the rendering is somewhat unsatisfactory!
I could use a pre-written theme, and perhaps I’ll look into that, but based on previous experience I don’t feel confident that I’ll find something that does exactly what I’d like.  So I think I’ll end up doing another custom child-theme.

On the upside, the effort should generate fodder for new posts.  I have been meaning to sharpen my php, anyway.

Happy programming!

** Update 2018-06-24 **

My dated custom child-theme, based off wordpress twenty-ten, was performing so poorly that I felt I should simply switch to a default wordpress theme immediately and worry about putting my own modifications to it as a new child-theme later on.  So now I am running on the twenty-seventeen theme.

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By Brian J Hoskins

Brian Hoskins is a 35 year old Electronic Engineer from South Wales in the United Kingdom. He is passionate about Electronics Design, Computing, Programming and Science in general. He works as a Test Development Engineer at an automotive electronics company in South Wales and also carries out electronics design work on personal projects in his spare time. Brian has a BSc with honours in electronics engineering and is a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

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