The Cobbled Stone Path

Hello, and thanks for taking an interest in my geocache! This one has proven quite difficult to retrieve for many people.  It wasn’t my intention to make this a difficult cache, but it has turned out to be quite well hidden.  I don’t like for people to have to give up on my cache, but I need to balance this with making the hint too easy for others.  So I thought I’d leave the original hint on the geocaching.com website as I originally intended and then provide some extra hints and tips here for those who fall into despair 😉

Extra Hints

Firstly, I should point out that the cache is accessible without the need to climb or clamber.  Also, bush-whacking is not required so please do your best to look after the environment.

The Ent
The Ent

This cache is a small clip-box container with room for a log book and trinkets.  So it’s large enough to be seen if you know where to look! In fact, I’m willing to bet that you’ve looked right at it already – perhaps more than once! The cache is well hidden and camouflaged.  It is cloaked in darkness and a torch would prove extremely useful, though not absolutely necessary.  The cache is guarded by one of the Ents, so be careful not to wake him!


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