123-reg For almost 15 years I have used 123-reg to host my website.  I started off with a simple static html website which I hand-coded in 2004.  Then I moved to a wordpress website with a 123-reg virtual server.  After that I moved to a 123-reg dedicated server, and this is the solution that I… Continue reading ** SERVER MOVE **

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Flashing CyanogenMod onto Galaxy SII via Ubuntu

Pre-Requsites Install Heimdall Visit the Heimdall home page, select “Linux”, and download the package for your distribution.  On Ubuntu variants you want the latest ‘.deb’ package.  e.g.: ubuntu13.04-heimdall_1.4.0-0_amd64.deb Note that the “Frontend” packages are not required.  Everything can be done easily from the command line. Install Heimdall using dpkg: sudo dpkg -i ubuntu13.04-heimdall_1.4.0-0_amd64.deb Install adb… Continue reading Flashing CyanogenMod onto Galaxy SII via Ubuntu

New Car! MG TF

It was the dreaded MOT time this weekend and my runabout Fiesta was not giving me promising signs.  So I decided to take a look for something else.  This MG TF caught my eye and I fell in love! So I snapped her up 🙂

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The Correct Pronunciation of “Geocache”

I’ve often been told that I pronounce the word “geocache” incorrectly.  Everyone else I have come into contact with pronounces it ‘geo-cash’.  The same pronunciation is used for the word cache on its own; everyone else seems to pronounce it ‘cash’. Personally, I pronounce the word “cache” as ‘cay-shh‘.  And that’s because I’m right and all… Continue reading The Correct Pronunciation of “Geocache”

Is Ebay worth it?

Recently I decided to sell my Xbox 360 console on Ebay.  I never use it, so it just sits there gathering dust and taking up precious space.  Meanwhile, its resale value is constantly dwindling.  In a few years a used Xbox 360 console will probably be equivalent to junk, such is the state of our… Continue reading Is Ebay worth it?

35km Mountain Bike Trip to Margam Park

I completed a 35km mountain bike ride from Port Talbot, up to Bryn Reservoir, then into Margam Country Park and then back to Port Talbot again.  It was fun!  

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Happy Pi Approximation Day 22/7!

Happy Pi Approximation Day 2013! If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, then allow me to explain.  In mathematics, science & engineering, π is regularly used in descriptions of circular motion.  This includes electrical waveforms and A.C. theory.  Today is the 22/7, and mathematicians commonly use the fraction 22/7 as an approximation of π.… Continue reading Happy Pi Approximation Day 22/7!

Super Moon Sunday

Super Moon Rise

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have been born in a developed country are blessed with learning opportunities that no society on Earth has ever enjoyed before.  The information age has made it possible for rational human beings all over the developed world to discover and learn about any subject of their choosing.… Continue reading Super Moon Sunday

The HEINZ Weight Watchers SWIZZ

So, picture the scene;  you’ve been up since 6am, you’ve suffered the dreary commute into work, you’ve slaved away all morning without stop, and you’re looking forward to sitting down for five minutes peace with a nice bite to eat.  You’ve brought along a HEINZ beef in peppercorn sauce ready-meal, and it sounds delicious.  A… Continue reading The HEINZ Weight Watchers SWIZZ

3.14159265 – Happy Pi Day!

Pi Pie in celebration of Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!!! Pi Day is traditionally held on 14th March to celebrate the irrational number π – 3.14159265.  π is the ratio between the circumference : diameter of a circle and cannot be expressed as an exact fraction.  It is also a transcendental number.  I have often thought long and hard about these kinds of numbers and… Continue reading 3.14159265 – Happy Pi Day!

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Happy Darwin Day!

Darwin Day is a global celebration of science and reason held on or around Feb. 12, the birthday anniversary of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin. Happy Darwin Day! International Darwin Day           .

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Website now live and (mostly) functional

My site is now live and for the most part, fully functional! Over the coming weeks I will be adding all my old content back in.  My electronics projects should be back soon!

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