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My name is Brian Hoskins and I’m an Electronics Engineer from a little town called Bridgend in South Wales, United Kingdom.  I am passionate about Electronics Design, Amiga Computers and Land Rover vehicles.  This website will serve as a showcase for those interests, as well as a general purpose personal blog.

Please feel free to check out the site!

Electronics Projects & Tutorials

RC5 Decoder
Personal Projects

In this area of the site you will find details of my various Electronic Projects, Tutorials and other Electronics related experiments and content.  The projects area of the website is for my completed Electronic Projects, and here you will find technical information including a descriptive project article, schematic diagrams, PCB layouts, and also source code where applicable.

Where schematics, PCB layouts and source code are provided, I am happy for you to download them for your own use.  If you modify any of my content and/or redistribute it, I am happy for you to include your name as the author provided you don’t delete mine and you provide a link back to my website.  Of course, I am relying heavily on your own good will to ensure that this is done!

The tutorials area of the site will contain various Electronics and/or Software related design articles.  If you redistribute any of this content please ensure you credit me and provide a link back to my website.


Amiga 1200
Amiga 1200

This page documents my computing & programming interests.  I enjoy computer hardware projects and hardware modifications – mainly with regard to retro computers from the 80s and 90s.

There will also be some programming articles.  My current languages of choice are embedded C, C++, C# and Perl.

Land Rover Vehicles

Loui the Land Rover at top of mountain
My Land Rover

I have been a fan of Land Rover vehicles since I was a kid.  To me, the Land Rover brand name embodies the human spirit for adventure, exploration and determination.  I now own an old 1996 Land Rover Discovery which I like to maintain, modify and take out on legal greenlaning trips.  I am a member of the Discovery Owners Club. This section of the website will document my various Land Rover modifications, maintenance tutorials and events/trips.



Credit where credit is due

During the creation of this website I relied very heavily upon Lynda.com Wordpress tutorials provided by Morten Rand-Hendriksen.  In particular, I found his tutorial on creating custom child themes very useful indeed.  So thanks very much to him, and if you’re new to WordPress I definitely recommend you check him out!

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