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Flashing CyanogenMod onto Galaxy SII via Ubuntu

Pre-Requsites Install Heimdall Visit the Heimdall home page, select “Linux”, and download the package for your distribution.  On Ubuntu variants you want the latest ‘.deb’ package.  e.g.: ubuntu13.04-heimdall_1.4.0-0_amd64.deb Note that the “Frontend” packages are not required.  Everything can be done … Continue reading

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Install Freerouting on Ubuntu 14.04 – 16.04

Introduction Freerouting was a web application created and maintained by Alfons Wirtz at his website, here.  It allowed us to import a design file from kicad and then auto-route the project based on some design preferences.  It was basically a … Continue reading

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Recover Data From Unfinalized DVD RW

Introduction Sometimes you’ll end up having to deal with a DVD which has video recorded on it but the author neglected to finalize the disc. This can be a bit troublesome, because until the disc is finalized it doesn’t contain … Continue reading

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rarcrack review

rarcrack I stumbled across a little program called rarcrack yesterday, which provides brute-force cracking of password protected archives.  I decided to give it a try and make some general observations about it. An example To set up an example, I … Continue reading

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Adding USB devices in a Virtual Machine

Adding USB Devices in a Windows Virtual Machine with VirtualBox One of the most confusing things for me when I first experimented with VirtualBox was the question of how to add USB devices.  I run Linux (Ubuntu) as my main … Continue reading

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Hosting a Calibre Library with Linux, COPS & Google Drive

Introduction Free your Ebook collection!!! Are you tired of being locked in to commercial Ebook software such as Apple iTunes (shudder), Google Books or Amazon Kindle? Would you like to take complete control of your Ebook collection and host it … Continue reading

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Installing daily build of KiCAD [Ubuntu]

I noticed, recently, that KiCAD footprint libraries now carry the .pretty extension, and that these files cannot be read by the latest stable release of KiCAD.  In order to make use of these libraries it is necessary to install a … Continue reading

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