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Hosting a Calibre Library with Linux, COPS & Google Drive

Introduction Free your Ebook collection!!! Are you tired of being locked in to commercial Ebook software such as Apple iTunes (shudder), Google Books or Amazon Kindle? Would you like to take complete control of your Ebook collection and host it … Continue reading

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Amiga 1200D Indivision-AGA MKII Installation

Introduction This post is a step-by-step tutorial for installation of the IndivisionAGA MKII hardware into an Amiga 1200 Desktop machine.  The target Amiga already has a FastATA fitted and there are some extra (easy) steps that will be necessary in … Continue reading

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Hardware Hacking the IOMEGA StorCenter ix2-200

Introduction The StorCenter ix2-200 is a RAID network drive supplied by iomega.  I have used the 2TB version for about two years now to keep secure (backed up) copies of my precious data.  Any data I write to the device … Continue reading

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Rescued CDTV from the crusher

A good find… It’s a chore to find yourself lugging junk down to the tip.  But every now and then you happen across a diamond in the rough! Today was my day to score as I spotted a Commodore CDTV … Continue reading

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Amiga 500 eaten alive!

I’m having some fun messing around with a few of my old retro computers at the moment and, inspired by EEV Blog’s recent teardown and successful boot of a 25 year old Amiga 500 I decided to get my old … Continue reading

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum Composite Video Modification

Introduction The Sinclair ZX range of computers were among the first affordable computers and kick-started the UK’s home computer revolution in the 1980s.  These machines relied on consumer television equipment for their display output and, as such, they featured an … Continue reading

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