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Brian Hoskins is a 35 year old Electronic Engineer from South Wales in the United Kingdom. He is passionate about Electronics Design, Computing, Programming and Science in general. He works as a Test Development Engineer at an automotive electronics company in South Wales and also carries out electronics design work on personal projects in his spare time. Brian has a BSc with honours in electronics engineering and is a member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology.

Tasker: Disable Pin Lock Near Home

Introduction If you’re away from home it’s very important to have a pin or password lock on your phone, just in case you misplace it or it is stolen.  Typically the modern mobile phone is a gateway to a multitude … Continue reading

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Install Freerouting on Ubuntu 14.04 – 16.04

Introduction Freerouting was a web application created and maintained by Alfons Wirtz at his website, here.  It allowed us to import a design file from kicad and then auto-route the project based on some design preferences.  It was basically a … Continue reading

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Recover Data From Unfinalized DVD RW

Introduction Sometimes you’ll end up having to deal with a DVD which has video recorded on it but the author neglected to finalize the disc. This can be a bit troublesome, because until the disc is finalized it doesn’t contain … Continue reading

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rarcrack review

rarcrack I stumbled across a little program called rarcrack yesterday, which provides brute-force cracking of password protected archives.  I decided to give it a try and make some general observations about it. An example To set up an example, I … Continue reading

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New Car! MG TF

This gallery contains 8 photos.

It was the dreaded MOT time this weekend and my runabout Fiesta was not giving me promising signs.  So I decided to take a look for something else.  This MG TF caught my eye and I fell in love! So … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day Project

Happy Valentines Day! A few years ago I created a little valentines day project, shown in the video at the end of this post.  It’s basically just a multi-vibrator circuit with two groups of LEDs, arranged as an inner and … Continue reading

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Adding USB devices in a Virtual Machine

Adding USB Devices in a Windows Virtual Machine with VirtualBox One of the most confusing things for me when I first experimented with VirtualBox was the question of how to add USB devices.  I run Linux (Ubuntu) as my main … Continue reading

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